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EasyPour™ Concrete Forming Voids


An economical solution for precast or cast-in-place concrete

EasyPour™ Concrete Forming Voids provide an opportunity for cost savings due to faster pouring and forming of larger areas and an overall reduction in the amount of concrete and steel needed.

Greif’s concrete forming tubes work well for precast or cast-in-place concrete—an economical solution for floors, roof slabs, bridges, decks, beams, and pier construction.

WeatherShield™ Technology

WeatherShield™ moisture resistant technology makes EasyPour™ Forming Voids a more structurally sound tube when subjected to moisture than a tube made with non-moisture adhesive.

Readily placed

It can be placed manually or by crane for larger diameters and longer lengths. Rebar void saddles are recommended to hold void form in position.

Pouring Methods

Concrete should be placed with an elephant truck or similar means for very long forming voids - not dropped on void tubes. Concrete can be vibrated extensively without damaging EasyPour™ Forming Voids.

EasyPour™ Forming Voids Features

Available in a full range of standard and custom sizes.

End closures and Custom Connectors Available.

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