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EasyPour™ Concrete Forming Voids


An economical solution for precast or cast-in-place concrete

Corrugated materials can play several roles in concrete construction, including providing reinforcement, serving as formwork, and improving insulation.

Concrete-forming voids are empty spaces intentionally created in concrete structures to reduce the final structure’s weight, accommodate various utilities, or make architectural features.

Sometimes, there is an artistic element in the outcomes of projects using forming voids. Concrete-forming voids can create unique and interesting architectural features, such as alcoves, arches, or openings. These features can add aesthetic appeal and visual interest to the structure.

WeatherShield™ Technology

WeatherShield™ moisture resistant technology makes EasyPour™ Forming Voids a more structurally sound tube when subjected to moisture than a tube made with non-moisture adhesive.

Readily placed

It can be placed manually or by crane for larger diameters and longer lengths. Rebar void saddles are recommended to hold void form in position.

Pouring Methods

Concrete should be placed with an elephant truck or similar means for very long forming voids - not dropped on void tubes. Concrete can be vibrated extensively without damaging EasyPour™ Forming Voids.


Made from recycled materials

EasyPour™ Forming Voids Features

EasyPour™ Concrete Forming Voids provide an opportunity for cost savings due to faster pouring and forming of larger areas and an overall reduction in the amount of concrete and steel needed.

Greif’s concrete forming tubes work well for precast or cast-in-place concrete—an economical solution for floors, roof slabs, bridges, decks, beams, and pier construction.


Customizable for you and your needs. Available in a full range of standard and custom sizes.


End closures and Custom Connectors Available.


Beyond filling the void 

Corrugated paper tubes for void filling are a critical component of modern concrete construction. These tubes, also known as void formers, are used to create temporary voids or spaces within concrete structures.

They serve several important purposes, such as reducing the structure’s overall weight, preventing cracks and shrinkage, and providing support for reinforcing steel during the pouring and curing process.

Additionally, corrugated paper tubes are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials, as they are made from recycled paper and can be easily disposed of after use. Their versatility and effectiveness make them an essential tool in modern construction projects.

Concrete-forming voids can also create space for utilities, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, or ventilation ducts. The result makes it easier to install and maintain these systems without compromising the strength or integrity of the structure.

Filling the void for our customers.

We work together to leave no gaps — much the way our void-filling products work to help our customers build the future. 

Greif and the colleagues who make the company stand out as leaders in white-labeled construction products work with every customer to deliver the best solution for their needs. A collaborative process that finds the best outcomes for your customers and the product’s eventual end-users.

Did you know that Greif established an updated mission statement to be the best-performing customer service company in the world? What that means for you is whether you are building something remarkable and need our concrete products to get it done or looking for anything else in the Greif catalog, it is the duty of all of us to make sure your needs are met, and your expectations are exceeded. It’s the Greif way.

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