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Greif GCX(TM) Paper Mill Cores


Enhanced performance paper mill cores

Designed for torque and chew out challenges. Can be customized for ID and wall thickness.

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced strength paper core manufactured for paper mill challenges such as higher winder speeds, Increased tension, multiple check engagement, more extensive and heavier paper rolls, wider format corrugators.

Safety and Efficiency

Reduce core-related downtime, reduce team exposure to downtime hazards, increased efficiency = lower waste and higher profits.

GCX Performance

Increased chew-out resistance, increased torque resistance, improved dimensional stability, no loss in crush strength, more consistent web tension, higher longitudinal stiffness.

Paper Mill Cores Features

Paper mill core materials

Kraft, tissue and toweling, bleach paperboard, print and writing papers, recycled paperboard and pulp, newsprint, other specialty and industrial grades of paper and paperboard.

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