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Payoffpak Fibre Drum


Payoffpak® Pays Off Big When It Comes to Packaging and Dispensing Wire or Tubing Products

As the world’s leading producer of industrial packaging products, Greif brings a reputation for quality and performance to the fibre drum market. All Greif fibre drum products have undergone rigorous lab and field testing. Greif is also committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. Responsive technical assistance and short lead times on product delivery are hallmarks of Greif.

Additional Features/Options:

Pays Off

Payoffpak® from Greif enables easier packaging and dispensing of wire or tubing while also protecting product quality.


Greif's Payoffpak® Drum is an economical, lightweight packaging solution ideally suited for containing low and high carbon wire, magnetic or plastic-coated wire, copper and bronze welding wire, and small-diameter tubing.

Space Saver

Payoffpak® from Greif optimizes warehouse space based on the way the cover and bottom design facilitates stacking.

Payoffpak Fibre Drum​

The widest range of specifications

  • Capacity: 20 to 75 gallon
  • Exterior can be easily decorated or labeled

Customization Options

  • Capacities
  • Decorations


Easy and cost efficient to transport and store due to its stackable capabilities.

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