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Separator and Pallet Sheets


A must-have layer of protection for stackable products

Greif’s Separator and Pallet Sheets work well in manual or autonomous machine applications. They are perfect for covering pallets to prevent damage to products. They also offer stability when used as a protective layer between products.

Additional Features/Options:

Separator and Pallet Sheets

A unique manufacturing process that provides superior stability and flatness for high performance in all climates. Diagonal cut capabilities

More Value

Engineered to be reused multiple times and allow for more sheets per skid vs. corrugated. Made from 100% recycled fiber.

Autonomous Machines

Porosity Separator and Pallet Sheets for Autonomous Machines are engineered to be less porous to reduce air passage and excellent for autonomous, suction-fed palletizers. Superior performance reduces machine stoppage and downtime typically caused by multiple sheets pick up.

Separator and Pallet Sheets Specifications

Separator and Pallet Sheets

Caliper Range: .020 - .070 Pasted and cut up to .250 Round corners: 3/4",1",1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4"

Porosity Separator and Pallet Sheets - Autonomous Machines:

Caliper range: .020 - .050 Pasted and cut up to .250

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