Plastic Box

Specialty Plastic Container Ideal for Medical Waste Disposal Applications

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Available in various colors

Customized for your application

Tamper-Evident Lid

Re-closable lid

Optimize space in storage and transportation

36 containers per 1140 x 1140 pallet

The widest range of specifications

A unique rectangle shape plastic package for optimizing space utilization in storage, transportation and handling. Tapered design allows empties to be nested and stacked. Recyclable polypropylene. Smooth sides for markings and labeling. Solid handles provide for good functionality and ergonomic handling.



Meets Applicable Regulations

Able to be incinerated. Approved for UN3291 - clinical waste (27 kg). Approved for UN3291 - clinical waste with sharp objects such as needles and broken glass (13 kg). Optional plastic bag for inside box.