Automatic Unloading System Helps Greif Reach Milestone

Date: 2018-10-24


Greif’s Rigid Industrial Packaging and Services plant in Rouen, France unloaded its 1.5 millionth drum for one of its major customers, thanks in large part to the  execution and operation of its innovative steel drum automatic unloading system.  

Greif’s automatic unloading system stands out for its reliability, safety and speed. The system unloads up to 400 drums per hour and is compatible with all types of standard transport equipment including swap bodies and drop trailers. The system was exclusively designed for its specific customer at the Rouen plant with the goal of improving the safety and quality of the working environment, and increasing efficiency. 

The system eliminates the risk of falling drums and minimizes the need for manual handling of heavy loads. The system enhancement has led to cost savings for Greif and its customer with reduced labor costs in its first year of operation.

Greif’s automatic unloading system is ideally suited to customers with large volumes filled at the same location, such as lubricants, additives or solvents.

Greif’s Rouen plant has over 200 employees. Its product portfolio includes large steel drums, small plastic drums and closures.


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