Date: 2016-09-14

Greif Malaysia has been working closely with its customers on a clean drum initiative.

The objective was to satisfy the customers’ requirements on internal drum cleanliness. Greif Malaysia took the challenge by introducing the “In-Line Camera Inspection Setup”.

The Greif Team comprised of individuals from Production, Quality, Logistics, Continuous Improvement and Sales worked together and performed extensive trials using different methods and materials. The Greif Team invited business partners to witness and validate the process.

Greif assisted one customer in its cleanliness initiative by dedicating two of our well-trained employees to travel to the customer’s facility to perform the drums final inspection ensuring that the stringent clean drums requirements are met.

Drum cleanliness is extremely critical in industrial packaging especially with respect to food and pharmaceutical products, where strict regulations apply. Necessary contamination prevention steps must be taken from production floor to the stage where product filling takes place. With the introduction of In-Line Camera Inspection Setup, customers’ requirements are fulfilled and they can stay focused on their core business.

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