Montreal, Are You Ready for Us?

Date: 2019-04-02

With 308 locations in 43 countries, Greif prides itself in having a location near you. One area that Greif recognized the need and growth potential is Montreal, Quebec. In February 2019, the Greif Montreal Warehouse opened its doors.      

Greif already has a multitude of facilities in the northeast United States and Ontario, Canada regions manufacturing a broad portfolio of steel, fibre and plastic drums. In addition to stocking and distributing a wide range of industrial packaging products, this facility will supply smaller plastic and steel containers and other packaging products and services. 

“This is an investment in our customers which allows us to strengthen and expand our dedication and commitment to the region with distribution. Supported by dependable manufacturing, Greif’s customers will have a quick access to quality products and a wide range of dependable services,” explains Dave Lorz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Greif.   

This location will complement Greif’s manufacturing by meeting the growing expectations of its eastern Canadian customers with rapid delivery and convenience of supply.

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