The PackH2O Water Backpack Selected for the 2013 People's Design Award at National Design Awards Gala

Date: 2013-10-18

Columbus, Ohio (Oct. 18, 2013): It took more than a month of online voting by the public to decide the 2013 People’s Design Award winner, and in the end, the PackH2O™ water backpack was selected for the tremendous honor, presented by Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

The PackH2O water backpack is produced by Greif, Inc., the global leader in industrial packaging products and services. The backpack was designed to provide a cleaner, safer alternative to contaminated jerrycans and buckets used by women in developing countries to transport water from source to home.  PackH2O is the first for-purpose, ergonomically correct and affordable water transport and storage device for the poorest among us.  It also boasts a transparent liner that can be disinfected of water-borne pathogens using the SODIS (solar water disinfection) method after each use.

Public voting for the People’s Design Award took place on the website during September and October. Of the 20 designs that received a nomination, the PackH2O water backpack received the most votes, and was ultimately announced as the winner during the National Awards Gala in New York City on Oct. 17.

About the People’s Design and National Design Awards: The People’s Design Award gives the American public a chance to select their favorite design from a pool of twenty nominations that emphasize how innovative design can make a difference in our everyday lives. The National Design Awards were conceived by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum to honor lasting achievement in American design. The Awards are bestowed in recognition of excellence, innovation and enhancement of the quality of life. First launched at the White House in 2000 as an official project of the White House Millennium Council, the annual Awards program celebrates design as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world, and seeks to increase national awareness of the impact of design through education initiatives.

About PackH2O LLC: PackH2O is a socially conscious distribution and marketing company that provides an innovative solution to water transportation and storage in developing areas around the world. As a social innovation brand, PackH2O is driven by a vision to improve lives through a sustainable business model.