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Tailor-Made AdBlue Solution: Sustainable & Convenient

At Greif, we understand that every customer has unique needs. That is why we offer made-to-order packaging containers tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our customer-centric approach to customization recently inspired the development of an innovative container for the safe storage and transportation of AdBlue, also known as diesel exhaust fluid. These new multilayer CoEx AdBlue Jerrycans are scheduled for production in the UK later this summer.

Our Customer-Centric Approach: UK Case Study in Collaboration with Tri-Sure

A Secure & Streamlined Solution

Greif’s design features a cleverly embedded spout that simplifies the pouring process, minimizing spills and maximizing efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of separate spouts and messy transfers—our seamless design ensures a convenient and clean usage experience.

The Total Package – Tamper-Evident Solution

Greif doesn’t just offer customised solutions, we offer the total package! Our AdBlue jerrycans are paired with Tri-Sure’s tamper-evident cap,  incorporating the right finishing touch. This secure cap perfectly complements the integrated spout, ensuring a leak-proof seal during transport, storage and usage, providing ultimate peace of mind.

Sustainable Performance

With sustainability at its core, Greif elevated this AdBlue Jerrycan by leveraging the lightweight design of our innovative Jerrycan Reinforced (JCR) container. JCR minimizes the use of raw materials while maintaining mechanical and chemical strength. With this design, the AdBlue container offers a reduced carbon footprint, helping customers meet their sustainability goals.

Minimize Environmental Impact with PCR

Are you looking for eco-conscious packaging to meet your sustainability goals? Greif’s AdBlue container also comes with a PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) option! With at least 50% recycled content, this option significantly reduces the environmental impact of the container itself.

Partner with Greif!

Let’s collaborate to develop the perfect tailor-made packaging solution for your business. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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