DrumBeat: Growing Global

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In our latest edition of the DrumBeat Newsletter, we highlight some of our biggest strategic initiatives involving the expansion of our product portfolio around the world! At Greif, we are committed to providing legendary customer service, and our ambitious capital expenditures investments reflect this mission. We strive to continually improve the capabilities of our manufacturing […]

Regenerating Nature Through Circularity

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Enhancing biodiversity through regenerating nature Regenerating nature is about adding positive impacts to our natural environment rather than trying to avoid the negative impacts. For example, we often discuss avoiding or reducing greenhouse gas emissions or eliminating waste, which refers to decreasing our negative environmental impacts. On the other hand, a concept like regenerating nature refers to […]

Circularity 101: A Digital Learning Mini-Series

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Welcome to our informative dive into all things circularity! It’s Circularity 101!  Circularity is essential to helping us achieve our 2030 Sustainability Targets. It plays an important role in how we live our daily lives, protect planet Earth by reducing waste and emissions, and prolong our future for upcoming generations.  Recycling, upcycling, the circular economy, closing […]

The Critical Nature of a Circular Economy

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Championing Initiatives for Recycling, Circular Economy, and Leading Environmental-Sustainability   Circular economy principles are inspired by nature’s regenerative cycles. To implement circularity successfully, products must be designed for long-lasting use, encouraging high-value and sustainable business practices.  A circular economy creates a closed-loop system where materials and products are kept in circulation, minimizing environmental impact and contributing […]

Greif is Driving Forward with Renewables in LATAM

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Towards the future with Indorama Ventures: Efficiency in the transport of packages and reduction of up to 25% in CO2 emissions with natural gas vehicle  At Greif, we understand the importance of partnership working between our customers and suppliers. It’s how we ensure that we’re providing the utmost level of customer service and innovation, while allowing […]

Advancing Sustainability with New Carbon Capture Initiative

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Greif is pleased to announce a new carbon storage initiative, through one of its subsidiaries, Soterra.  Operating more than 175,000 acres in the U.S. Southeast, Soterra is a leader in sustainable forest management. Following a third-party assessment to determine the carbon sequestration potential on Soterra’s managed timberlands, Greif is now working with a handful of […]

The Critical Nature of Waste Reduction

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Exploring the Urgency of Waste Reduction This version of our circularity learning journey dives into the urgent need to reduce waste. Across the world, landfills are overflowing, while oceans and marine life are being choked with plastics. The alarming consequences of excessive waste generation can no longer be ignored. How did we end up here? The […]

Introduction to Circularity

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Welcome to Circular Economy 101! Circularity is essential to helping us achieve our 2030 Sustainability Targets. It plays an important role in how we live our daily lives, protect planet Earth by reducing waste and emissions, and prolong our future for upcoming generations.  Recycling, upcycling, circular economy, closing the loop, and carbon neutrality are all buzzwords […]

World Earth Day: Greif Brazil Plants Trees in the Amazon

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Manaus, Brazil Plants Trees in Amazon to Neutralize CO2 Emissions Greif’s Manaus, Brazil facility is an essential plastic container manufacturer within our LATAM operations. The plant has six production lines and manufactures varying sizes of Jerrycans and 140-liter plastic drums to meet the container demands of some of the world’s leading beverage companies. But did you know […]

How Greif is Tackling Scope 3 Emissions 

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How Greif is tackling Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions By Matt Eichmann, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer at Greif | 2 Minute Read | 100% Organic, No AI Assistance Last month, I spoke at the Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America’s (IPANA) spring conference on Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For those who […]