Hubert Joly & Ole Rosgaard Talk Leading Through Uncertainty


Hubert Joly, the former CEO of Best Buy, and Ole Rosgaard, the CEO of Greif, discuss leadership, diversity, inclusion, and navigating challenging times. The two discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in a leadership team, the qualities of a good leader, and how to navigate periods of uncertainty and change.

Hubert Joly & Ole Rosgaard Talk Translating Purpose to Strategy

image for a conversation called translating purpose to strategy

Hubert Joly, the former CEO of Best Buy, and Ole Rosgaard, the CEO of Greif, discuss the importance of company purpose, human-focused leadership, and the role of business in society. The conversation also touched on personal journeys and experiences in leadership roles.

Talking With Soterra: Ep 5 | Drones

greif talking with soterra 5 drones In this discussion, viewers learn how drones have revolutionized business operations at Soterra. Key topics included the process of becoming a certified drone pilot, the various roles of drones at Soterra, and a demonstration of a drone flight to assess potential damage on a recreational lease property following a storm. Participants Josh Smith, Manager […]

Talking With Soterra: Ep 4 | Carbon

greif talking with soterra 2 tc

In this session, Andy Callahan, director of business development at Soterra, discusses carbon sequestration and the voluntary carbon market. The conversation touches on Soterra’s role in this market and how it is contributing to its growth.

Talking With Soterra: Ep 3 | Pine Straw

pine straw

A conversation between partners in the pines: Josh Smith, the manager of the Land Resource Group at Soterra, and Cole Pierce, the Operations Manager at Swift Straw, discuss their work together…

Talking With Soterra: Ep 2 | Timber Cruising

timber cruising

Viewers get a detailed walkthrough of a forest check-up or “cruise,” led by Josh Smith, manager of the land resource group. This session provides a comprehensive overview of the process, tools, and safety measures involved in a forest cruise…

Digital Magazines

Greif Drumbeat

Greif has hosted many digital magazines over the years. Here is a collection of the most recent…

Product Manager Tech Talks

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Get to know some of the product experts driving innovative packaging solutions for life’s essentials.