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Sharing best practices with its customers is one way Greif fulfills its vision of: in industrial packaging, be the best performing customer service company in the world. Recently, the Greif Center of Excellence for Lean and Continuous Improvement shared best practices with customer Daubert Chemical Company. During the course of three days, 25 Daubert associates – including CEO and Vice President – and Greif Lean experts worked side-by-side to learn tools and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of their operations.

“This experience may be the truest testament of a company living up to its espoused values about being committed to their customer’s success I’ve ever encountered,” says Matthew Puz, President and CEO of Daubert Chemical Company. “It’s abundantly clear to me that contributing to their customer’s success is truly the centerpiece of what drives their organization.”

Wendy Pfau, Account Manager for Greif, first identified an opportunity to share best practices regarding lean manufacturing after a sales call with Daubert. She then engaged Greif Lean experts to coordinate the training.

“We feel there is no better way to deepen the relationship we have with our customers than to commit to actually helping them solve problems and improve their business. This activity not only helps the customer, but also allows Greif colleagues to learn and develop. The Greif and Daubert team working together and their enthusiasm during that week is something I won’t forget.” David Wierzbicki, Director, Greif Center of Excellence.

Greif has an engrained culture of customer service and servant leadership. The continuous improvement of others around us results in continuous improvement of ourselves. Through these actions the relationship Greif has formed with Daubert Chemical is beyond valued, it is irreplaceable.   

To find out how Greif can work with your company to achieve Packaging Success Together, contact your local account manager.

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