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Blog, Sustainability

Embracing Sustainability: Corrugated Packaging Takes Center Stage at TAPPI Trade Show

As the world leans more towards sustainability, the recent TAPPI trade show became an important platform for showcasing the latest advancements in eco-friendly corrugated packaging solutions.

Account Manager, Tyler Bettelon, showcased and discussed Greif’s broad portfolio including single, double and triple wall sheets, bulk bins, LithoLamination, PET replacement, and many more specialty coating capabilities.

The trade show also provided a platform for discussions on the life cycle of corrugated packaging. From production to recycling, the focus was on creating a closed-loop process, ensuring that the materials are reused to their fullest extent. This approach not only helps in waste reduction but also in conserving resources, which is crucial for reaching sustainable development.

The enthusiastic reception of corrugated packaging at the TAPPI trade show is a clear indicator of the industry and Greif’s commitment to sustainability. It reflects a broader shift towards environmentally responsible practices that resonate with consumers increasingly concerned with the ecological footprint of their purchases.

As we move forward, the innovations in corrugated packaging showcased at the trade show are set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of sustainable packaging. By embracing these eco-friendly solutions, the packaging industry is not just answering the call for sustainability but is also paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

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