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Featuring Greif’s Concrete Forming Tubes

Greif is one of the industry leaders in the production of concrete forming tubes, specifically branded as EasyPour™. The products are 100 percent recyclable paperboard tubes that are used to hold manually or crane-poured concrete for columns, footings, piers, pilings and other concrete structures. Once the concrete sets, the paperboard tubes are easily stripped off and recycled.

The tubes range from six inches to 60 inches (inner diameter or “ID”) and can be cut or spliced into any length. Greif’s EasyPour™ tubes are often seen along highway construction projects. The tubes can also be found under the name “Quik-Tube®” and are sold at major building supply outlets. Additionally, EasyPour™ tubes are sold by concrete distributors ranging from “mom and pop” stores to multi-million dollar corporations in the U.S. and Canada.

There are four products under the EasyPour™ brand. The other three include:

  • Professional Seamless, which produces a smooth outer surface.
  • Voids, which are used in precast construction and are predominately used for beams and in bridge construction.
  • PoliGloss, an alternative product to Professional Seamless is used in the US and Canada. It produces a smooth outer surface and is compliant with all Canadian building product regulations.

EasyPour™ concrete forming tubes are manufactured in Toledo, OH, Arlington, TX, Bay Minette, AL, Chicopee, MA, Denver, CO, Kernersville, NC, Longview, WA, York, PA, Ontario, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT, Toronto, Canada, and Winnipeg, Canada.

These forming tubes are sold year round, but the highest sales are during the construction season which begins in the spring and lasts through late fall.

For more information, contact [email protected] or view the products on our website.

Pictured (L to R): Paul Curtis, Josh Wolfenbarger, Jason Gottesman, Jodey Leser, Craig Musselman


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