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Greif Green Tool Supports Customer Sustainability Goals

Greif is seeing a continued rise in demand for its successful Greif Green Tool as companies proactively explore new ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Greif Green Tool, developed in 2010, is a flexible calculator that uses independent lifecycle data of Greif industrial packaging products. The tool is designed to help customers make informed decisions about which industrial packaging best suits their products and to achieve their sustainability goals.

Recent significant updates to the capabilities of the Greif Green Tool include enhanced analysis to allow detailed modeling, plant specific analysis and improved classification of Greif’s sustainable products and processes.

The Green Tool allows customers to review and compare the environmental impact of plastic drums, steel drums, IBCs, fibre drums and big bags specifically related to their business. Using a range of cross-functional data, such as geographic scope, product specifications and transportation, the Greif Green Tool allows multiple stakeholders within a business to discover shared improvement opportunities.

Results can be used to create an environmental baseline and help customers make meaningful comparisons between different packaging types and track their progress over time.

“As more companies develop sustainability goals, specifically carbon emissions goals, they start looking for ways to reduce their carbon impact, which includes the performance of their suppliers and the products they use”, said Aysu Katun, director of sustainability at Greif. “The Greif Green Tool provides robust information for strategic decision making, in a very easy to use format. With strategic sustainability decisions involving bigger groups of senior leaders, Greif’s Green Tool can help multiple parties understand and agree on the need to change.”

“Both Greif and our customers are concerned about the global waste crisis. By helping our customers compare the environmental impacts of different packaging options such as new versus recycled versus reconditioned packaging, we assist them in making decisions that will proactively help them mitigate against future damage to the environment.”

One of Greif’s largest global customers has this to say about the Greif Green Tool: “The tool is very user-friendly and contains lots of useful and customized data. We use the data provided by Greif for our internal carbon emissions reporting to track our reduction progress over time. The findings allow us to have informed sustainability discussions.

“I haven’t seen a comparable tool in the industry yet. Generally, LCA (life cycle assessment) studies tend to be very generic whereas the Greif Green Tool gives us the option to quickly tailor parameters that result in much greater support and acceptance from internal stakeholders.”

The Greif Green Tool is used by more than 70 of Greif’s largest global customers. To find out more about how the Green Tool could help support your packaging decisions visit our website here. You can also contact your local Greif representative or email


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