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Greif’s New Bulk Corrugated Facility in Dallas 

A Hub of Innovation and Networking at the AICC SW Summit

Last week marked a significant milestone for the packaging industry in the Southwest as Greif’s new bulk corrugated facility in Dallas, Texas is officially operational. This event coincided with the AICC SW Summit, drawing over 70 industry professionals who were eager to explore the capabilities of this state-of-the-art facility and network with peers. 

The highlight of the summit was undoubtedly the tour of Greif’s Dallas plant, where attendees had the exclusive opportunity to witness the impressive array of machinery that promises to revolutionize corrugated packaging production in the region. Central to the facility’s operations is the 110” Fosber Corrugator, one of the largest in the world of corrugated cardboard production. This machine’s advanced technology ensures high-efficiency production and superior quality of corrugated sheets. 

In addition to the Fosber Corrugator, the facility is equipped with an 86” x 216” BGM Large Format Press, further enhancing its production capabilities and ensuring that the output meets the highest standards of durability and design. 

Greif’s Dallas facility is set to produce a variety of corrugated products. The plant will manufacture singlewall, doublewall, and triplewall sheets, catering to diverse packaging needs across multiple industries. Moreover, the facility will specialize in the production of bulk bins, which are essential for shipping and handling large or heavy items. 

The AICC SW Summit provided a perfect platform for professionals to gain insights into the latest trends and technologies in corrugated packaging. The tour of Greif’s facility not only showcased the advanced machinery and production capabilities but also emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in packaging solutions. 

As the industry continues to evolve, Greif’s new facility in Dallas is poised to play a pivotal role in meeting the growing demands for high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions. The successful launch and the enthusiastic participation at the AICC SW Summit underscore the vibrant potential of the packaging industry in the Southwest and beyond. 


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