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Blog, How It's Made

How It’s Made: Corrugated Sheets [VIDEO]

The process for making corrugated sheets starts with your old pizza box, e-commerce package, or some other opened and delighted item.

That old cardboard, or, as we call it, old corrugated container, is the basis of a new batch of paper.

A Greif, we collect old corrugated container from your local supermarkets, big box stores, and just about anywhere you can think of where cardboard accumulates.

We take the old corrugated and process it through one of our mills. The process is relatively simple yet quite sophisticated.

A repulping process breaks down the recovered fibers while also removing contaminants like plastic and wire.

The freshly pulped OCC moves along to the corresponding steps in the paper-making process.

The resulting rolls of paper run through a winder where they are staged and cut down to the customer’s spec, then prepped and repositioned for transit to places like the Greif Corrchoice corrugator seen here.

Watch the video above to see how we take the paper we made from your old pizza box and turn it into new corrugated sheets.

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