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Tech Talk

Liquipak Fibre Drum Tech

Introducing the Liquipak Fiber Drum, a versatile packaging solution that combines the features of a Lok-Rim style fiber drum with the ability to hold non-hazardous semi-liquid and liquid goods.

Fully-lined interior and more…

With a fully lined interior, caulked bottom joint, and increased height, the Liquipak Drum offers corrosion-free storage for water-based products and food.

It is leak-proof and provides extra room for outages. Thermally stable construction ensures that temperature variations won’t cause paneling. They feature a full laminated plastic interior surface with a heat-sealed seam, caulked bottom juncture, and a plastic or steel cover.


For challenging storage or transportation environments, the Weatherpak option enhances the drum’s durability. The Weatherpak is a variation of the Liquipak® drum that boasts additional protection for outdoor use in wet or humid conditions. It boasts the same benefits as typical fiber drums. Those benefits include being lightweight, having high stacking strength, thermal stability, being durable, and being easy to handle.

With thermoplastic adhesive and improved stack strength, these drums can withstand wet and moist conditions, including cold storage. Thank you for your time and attention, and we hope you found this Tech Talk on Liquipak Fiber Drums informative and valuable.

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