Greif’s network of sheet feeders and industrial packaging plants provides corrugated sheets, bulk boxes, corner protectors and pallet cover for your distribution needs.

Market Subsegments


Corrugated sheets and triple wall boxes are used to transport consumer goods, automotive parts, meat products, and many more.

Pallet Protectors

Perfect for covering pallets to prevent damage to products.

Edge and Angle Board Protection

Edge and Angle board in a variety of sizes, custom colors, thickness and perforations to protect boxes, pallet edges, lumber, steel and anything else that needs edge protection.

Top Products for Distributors


Registration to various quality and food safety systems including ISO 9001, FSC 22000, BRC, SQF are available throughout the network. Additionally, some locations offer clean room solutions and independent kosher certifications.  

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Benefits of Using Greif Products

A Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is one of our top priorities because we understand every improvement, we make not only protects our earth, but helps you achieve sustainability targets.

Technical Services

Helping our customers improve productivity, meet sustainability challenges, and reduce costs.

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