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Palletized Delivery Solution a Success in Singapore

At Greif we recognize that you and your customers have unique requirements and we are dedicated to providing services that help you meet those needs. We offer a comprehensive range of special packaging and service solutions, for each of our product substrates. Our experts regularly collaborate with customers worldwide to develop the best solution for the packaging, transportation and storage of their product.

Recently in Singapore we worked with a customer to optimize the transportation and storage of their drums to deliver greater efficiency by replacing loose-loaded delivery with palletized delivery.

The result is:

  • Improved efficiency and increased productivity
  • Less manual loading thus reduced manpower costs
  • Reduced safety risk due to less material handling
  • Minimized defects in handling-related material

Most importantly, the resulting economies of scale have enabled our customer to pass on savings to its own customer base.

“Palletized delivery affords many benefits and I’m delighted to announce that since launching the service at our Singapore facility, three of our global customers have gone on to use the service and seen significant improvements as a result,” explains Wee Guan Lim, Commercial Manager for RIPS Singapore.

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To find out more about our specialized logistics services, or if you have a particular requirement that you would like to discuss with us, please contact your local sales representative.

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