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ProBin Global Improves with GreenGuard®

ProBin Global improves sustainability and packaging quality with GreenGuard®

ProBin Global is using GreenGuard, Greif’s sustainable barrier coating for containerboard packaging applications, to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

GreenGuard offers an eco-friendly alternative to wax coatings and plastic linings. It is water, oil, and grease resistant and complies with FDA food contact regulations making it suitable for packaging various food items including seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, and bakery products. Paper coated with GreenGuard is fully recyclable and repulpable.

As a bulk packaging and shipping supplier in the poultry industry, ProBin was looking for ways to reduce its environmental footprint without compromising on quality or product integrity. Mary Jane Threet, General Manager at ProBin Global, explains: “It is vital that we provide products that meet the highest food safety standards, but sustainability is high on our agenda. We need a box that offers the necessary protection by giving an extra barrier to prevent potential contamination at the plant level and also enables us and our customers to meet environmental standards and sustainability targets. GreenGuard delivers on both fronts.”

Josh Reich, General Manager/Sales at Greif CorrChoice, adds: “Sustainability is the driving force for innovation at Greif, and increasingly customers, like ProBin Global, are seeking alternatives to wax and plastic in their packaging which is why having an environmentally-friendly coating that still delivers barrier performance is so important.”

GreenGuard can be applied to multiple substrates and is offered in a variety of colors, and printable options are available.

Greif is a premium partner for corrugated sheets and corrugated specialty products. We serve a wide array of clients, from independent box makers to end users in the Midwest and Eastern United States delivering exceptional customer care and a broad range of highest-quality corrugated and coated products.

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