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Composite (Valethene) Steel Drum


The strength of a steel drum with the compatibility of a plastic drum

The composite steel drum is a safe way to package aggressive materials which require the chemical safety of a plastic drum but the strength and durability of a steel drum.

Additional Features/Options:

Safety First

Composite drums combine the strength of a steel drum with the chemical safety of a plastic drum.

The Highest Standard

Composite drums come with the highest possible UN approvals.

Built to Spec

Composite drums meet your requirements. Valethene is produced in different steel thicknesses (up to 1.5mm), different plastic liner weights (up to 6kg), and can be equipped with Tri-Sure venting closures.

The widest range of specifications

Steel thickness from 0,8 mm
to 1,5 mm

PE liner from 3 kg to 6 kg. All components can be food contact approved. All Tri-Sure plugs are available, including venting systems. Composite drums also exist from 20 to 60.

  • Valves
  • Closures
  • HDPE liners
  • Customizable

Safety first

Meets the highest UN approvals (drop test, pressure, stacking)

 All drums are individually leak-tested.


The strength of steel, the compatibility of plastic

Steel for outstanding mechanical resistance, HDPE for high product compatibility.

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