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EasyPour™ ProPlus™ Concrete Forming Tubes


When the job gets tough, EasyPour™ ProPlus™ Concrete Forming Tubes​ deliver.

These high-performance forming tubes are manufactured for tough jobs and tough job sites. They can easily withstand 72 hours of precipitation.

For jobs that require an industrial-strength concrete forming tube. Engineered to perform in the most challenging job sites. Continuous length up to 28 feet.

Extended Water Resistance

Extended water resistance (minimum 72 hours) comes from a proprietary moisture-resistant adhesive and specially formulated top ply combination. Customers get far greater moisture resistance than standard tubes.

Stronger Tubes

Greater burst strength and tear resistance. Engineered to hold the full hydro-static pressure of a continous pour for tubes up to 28 feet. *Do not exceed ACI pour rate recommendations *Pouring rate based on tube size and specific job site conditions.


EasyPour™ ProPlus™ Concrete Forming Tubes are one-time use tubes that allow faster setup for multiple column pours with no cleaning, reassembling, or return shipping.

EasyPour™ ProPlus™ Concrete Forming Tube Features

Standards and Specialties

Popular sizes are available - 12" to 60" diameters to meet a variety of standard products.

Lightweight, But Strong

EasyPour™ ProPlus™ Concrete Forming Tubes are lightweight without sacrificing necessary strength; therefore, they are easier to handle and install.

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