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GCUBE IBC for Food


One of the strongest in the market

The food-grade product GCUBE IBC is built around a simple and essential concept – protecting food products. The GCUBE Food IBC has been designed in close partnership with our food customers to avoid any risk of contamination and paying close attention to the details.

Additional Features/Options:

The Choice For Food

GCUBE Food complies with all regulations regarding food contact and Greif customers rated GCUBE Food as the best solution for the food industry.

The Strongest Cage

GCUBE offers the strongest cage on the market.

Easy Labeling

GCUBE can be equipped with three different sizes of label plates and label plates can be fixed to all four sides of the IBC.

GCUBE IBC for Food

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The widest range of specifications

  • 150 mm and 225 mm openings available with all types of ventilation and pallets
  • 2" and 3" valves with over-coated HDPE layer able to ensure only one material in contact with filled products
  • Gcube Food is also available with antistatic for EX zones (GCube Elektron) and with barrier properties to avoid gasses permeation (GCube Shield)

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Customization Options

  • Nameplates
  • Food lids
  • Food valves
  • Multi layer bottle colors
  • Hybrid pallet
  • Plastic pallet


Learn how the dynamic life of an IBC from Greif amounts to a choose your own adventure story. There’s a host of ways an IBC demonstrates circularity. See the many ways IBCs have become a circularity success story. 

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Food safety

GCUBE Food provides the highest food compatibility and the lowest risk of contamination


Clean Room Production Available

The site in EDE (NL) has blow-molders in a “clean room”.

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Markets We Serve

From the products that keep us moving to the ones that make us beautiful, Greif is proud to serve the unique needs of a wide range of global industries.

Sustainability is Our Goal

Greif’s network of life cycle service providers across North America and Europe can extend the life of spent packaging and responsibly recycle their component raw materials at the end of their life cycles.

How the cookie crumbles in a partnership with Greif on IBCs

Greif is all about servant leadership, and that’s an excellent thing for Greif customers.

Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which the leader’s primary focus is on serving the needs of their team or organization. This approach can lead to a positive work culture and employee satisfaction, resulting in a more motivated and productive workforce. Additionally, a company that practices servant leadership may be more responsive to customer needs and have a more substantial reputation for ethical practices, making it more desirable to do business with. Overall, a company that practices servant leadership is likely more intentional when it comes to food safety and security.

So, customers can count on Greif to focus on their needs, whether it’s a food-ready IBC like the one on this page or some other product from the Greif catalog. They get the value add of a trusted expert source committed to delivering legendary customer service.

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