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With continuously evolving regulations, food safety is in the spotlight. Industrial packaging plays a vital role due to its direct contact with the product. Fortunately, at Greif we have decades of experience designing and producing packaging that protects food from contamination sources and is compliant with strict food safety regulations.

Market Subsegments

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Fresh Produce

We have developed paper coatings and produce bins to help safely deliver your crops. From recyclable paper coatings that replace wax to triple wall bins that protect your heaviest loads.

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Solid Foods & Pastes

Find a product that meets your needs from different product types depending on use to special services including linings or additional cleaning.

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Edible Oils/Liquids

From smaller jerrycans to bulk IBCs, Greif has various products to safely ship liquid and semi-liquid products across town or around the world.

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Fine Powders (Infant Formula)

Whether you are packaging baby formula or pharmaceutical ingredient, we understand the extra requirements and can offer solutions for the most sensitive needs.

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Beverages & Juices

From high acidic citrus products to basic liquids ingredients, let us help you find the right package that meets your processing and transportation requirements.

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Animal Feed (pet)

Triple wall boxes are used to ship diverse types of animal feed from meat products to kibble.

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Nuts & Seeds

We offer a variety of packaging solutions for the transportation of dry bulk products.

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Processed Food

Triple wall boxes are used to ship diverse types of processed foods from cereal to frozen meals.

Top Products for Food and Beverage


Registration to various quality and food safety systems including ISO 9001, FSC 22000, BRC, SQF are available throughout the network. Additionally, some locations offer clean room solutions and independent kosher certifications.  

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Benefits of Using Greif Products

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is one of our top priorities because we understand every improvement, we make not only protects our earth but helps you achieve sustainability targets. We have dedicated products and services to help you achieve your goals. Further, we are the only global network to collect, recondition or recycle several types of spent packaging. Do you really want to make an impact? Use the Greif Green Tool to evaluate the environmental impact of packaging using a variety of metrics.

Extensive Global Footprint

Protect your brand and packaging standards by receiving equivalent products manufactured worldwide. Our global network of more than 245 facilities in 40 countries are strategically located near you, which helps reduce transportation costs and improves the environmental footprint of your package. By partnering with a single supplier, you minimize supply chain risks with back up production facilities to ensure continuity of supply.

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