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Yarn Carriers


Grief is the superior choice for all yarn processing systems

We engineer and produce a variety of yarn carriers capable of handling the fastest winding speeds. Our carriers are designed to withstand intense pressure. 

They are fully customizable, with a full spectrum of color and stripe selections and surface treatments like grooves and notches to enhance customer identification and denier needs.

These technical capabilities, combined with deep industry knowledge and best-in-class service levels, mean we can manufacture a solution to any meet customer challenge from coast to coast.

Many Applications

Can be used to produce high-speed spinning of synthetic filament yarn, textured yarn, extruded fiberglass filament, BCF carpet yarn, various industrial yarns and other synthetic fiber production.

Proven Experience

Greif is a leader in yarn carriers backed by years of dedicated textile experience.

Available options include

A multiple of outer ply choices, embossed surfaces, tailing grooves, transfer rings, notches, scores, burnished ends, variety of customer-specific requirements.


A yarn carrier is a packaging container used in the textile industry for holding and transporting yarn. Yarn carriers are cylindrical and have a removable top and bottom, allowing easy access to the contents. They are used to store and transport yarn from the spinning mills to the textile mills or from one textile mill to another.

Yarn carriers hold various types of yarn, such as cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic fibers, and hold both natural and synthetic fibers. They are available in different sizes and capacities to accommodate different types of yarn and can hold from a few pounds to several hundred pounds.

A yarn carrier can also transport the yarn through the different stages of the textile production process, such as spinning, weaving, and knitting. Stackability allows for efficient storage and transportation.

AVAILABle in north america

Paper packaging from Greif is a mainstay in the North American industrial landscape. The popularity of sustainable packaging that holds and protects products from their production to end users pushes offerings like yarn carriers beyond a simple, cost-effective solution.

Customization Options

What's in a color? Quite a bit, if you ask any leading brand on the market. That's why we team with our customers to offer fully customizable tubes for yarn. Our customer's brand is in good hands with a full spectrum of color and stripe selections and surface treatments like grooves and notches.

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