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Riyadh Team Rises to the Occasion

The Riyadh Saudi Arabia team is demonstrating their commitment to Greif’s global sustainability priorities to achieve zero waste to landfill. In 2017, the global waste team determined that our Riyadh facility was responsible for roughly 20 percent of all waste going to landfill in EMEA and had the highest percentage of waste – 36 percent – going to landfill in the region. When the facility was informed, the Riyadh team immediately engaged corrective actions to implement operational solutions to reduce their landfill waste, which was mostly their wastewater. 

By redirecting the plant’s cleaning water to an evaporation tank, Riyadh decreased wastewater to landfill by 25 percent by year-end 2018. In their continued efforts, the team removed the oil and grease content from their cleaning water and transported it to a recycling plant enabling water to be reused in their water-stressed region. As of October 2019, Riyadh is proud to have reduced their landfill waste to only four percent already meeting Greif’s 2025 global waste goal while also reducing their operational costs by $5,600 per year.

We are pleased to recognize the impressive efforts of Jason Ashworth who worked closely with the Riyadh team in the last two years and the members of the Greif Riyadh team pictured below, from left to right: Shoaib Anwar, Mohammad Anwar, Abdul Wahid, Akheel Baramy, Muhammed Sabir and Mohamed Badr.


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