Защитите свои продукты от окружающей среды и защитите окружающую среду от своих продуктов

Improved product stability, shelf-life, and operational performances with GCUBE Shield barrier technology.

GCUBE Shield offers revolutionary barrier protection compared to fluorination or six-layer IBCs. Many products including chemicals or ingredients require some type of barrier technology to protect either the product from exposure to oxygen or to protect the product from permeating the plastic and potentially escaping the container.

“The Shield barrier technology allows food products to be better protected against oxygen permeation into the container, which extends the shelf-life. While solvent-based products or agrochemicals will be protected against gasses lost and increase overall product effectiveness,” explains Luca Bettoni, EMEA IBC, and Plastic Product Manager.

GCUBE Shield is a well-tested technology applied to small jerrycans in our locations in Israel and Europe, being replicated in Latin America, and now expanded to our three-layer GCUBE process. The innermost layer remains 100 percent virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which complies with relevant requirements for food and chemical compatibility. The intermediate layer contains this Shield blend that reduces the permeation of gasses both in and out of the polyethylene. Finally, the external layer allows customization including colors or antistatic.

When compared to other barrier technologies, GCUBE Shield is recyclable as the barrier blend can be reused for further applications and is a more efficient process due to the long lead times required for the offsite fluorination process.

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