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VIDEO PLAYLIST: Product Circularity

Product circularity matters; a lot.

More than ever, public, corporate, and governmental pressures are driving the global economy toward a circular, closed-looped system that relies heavily on what’s already made and prioritizes products that can be remade or recycled.

Circular products operate within the circular economy model and have reduced or entirely no need for virgin materials.

Designing a product with its end state in mind and focusing on returning to a new life cycle multiple times is critical for inflicting minimal environmental harm.

Greif has been focused on circularity for some time. We’ve taken each product substrate to task as part of that focus and held it under the circularity microscope.

A byproduct of that effort is a video playlist on YouTube.

Learn how each product in the Greif supply chain offers our customers a circularity success story they can lean on to help hit their own targets.

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