What is Land Management?

fawns shelter in the shade of a tree line on protected lands

Welcome to our informative dive into all things land management! Land management refers to the process of overseeing and making decisions about the use, development, and conservation of land resources. It involves the planning, administration, and implementation of strategies and practices to ensure the sustainable and responsible management of land for various purposes. Greif does […]

Circularity 101: A Digital Learning Mini-Series

the graphic shows circularity symbols like the recycling triangle and an arrow hitting a target

Circularity is essential to helping us achieve our 2030 Sustainability Targets. It plays an important role in how we live our daily lives, protect planet Earth by reducing waste and emissions, and prolong our future for upcoming generations.

Greif is Driving Forward with Renewables in LATAM

Oxiteno truck

Towards the future with Indorama Ventures: Efficiency in the transport of packages and reduction of up to 25% in CO2 emissions with natural gas vehicle  At Greif, we understand the importance of partnership working between our customers and suppliers. It’s how we ensure that we’re providing the utmost level of customer service and innovation, while allowing […]

Advancing Sustainability with New Carbon Capture Initiative

greif soterra land mgmt

Greif is pleased to announce a new carbon storage initiative, through one of its subsidiaries, Soterra.  Operating more than 175,000 acres in the U.S. Southeast, Soterra is a leader in sustainable forest management. Following a third-party assessment to determine the carbon sequestration potential on Soterra’s managed timberlands, Greif is now working with a handful of […]

World Earth Day: Greif Brazil Plants Trees in the Amazon

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Manaus, Brazil Plants Trees in Amazon to Neutralize CO2 Emissions Greif’s Manaus, Brazil facility is an essential plastic container manufacturer within our LATAM operations. The plant has six production lines and manufactures varying sizes of Jerrycans and 140-liter plastic drums to meet the container demands of some of the world’s leading beverage companies. But did you know […]

How Greif is Tackling Scope 3 Emissions 

GHG Chart

How Greif is tackling Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions By Matt Eichmann, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer at Greif | 2 Minute Read | 100% Organic, No AI Assistance Last month, I spoke at the Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America’s (IPANA) spring conference on Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For those who […]

Does Sustainability Have a Soundtrack?

greif sustainability soundtrack

Does Sustainability Have a Soundtrack? A quick Google search for ‘Sustainability Soundtracks’ reveals a handful of results like the ‘Top 5 Songs for Sustainability’ from the Carbon Literacy Project and ‘7 Songs About Climate Change’ from the Nature Conservancy. In both, musical heavyweights like Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, and Paul McCartney weave a message of sustainability […]

Greif LATAM Adds New Sustainable Packaging & Cuts Waste

greif latam sustainability

Greif LATAM introduces new sustainable packaging and cuts waste Recent developments at Greif LATAM reinforce Greif’s global commitment to building a more sustainable future. Significantly, the development of a jerrycan made from 100 percent post-consumer resin material (PCR) and the region’s first plant to achieve zero waste to landfill. The 100 percent PCR jerrycan is […]

ProBin Global Improves with GreenGuard®

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ProBin Global improves sustainability and packaging quality with GreenGuard® ProBin Global is using GreenGuard, Greif’s sustainable barrier coating for containerboard packaging applications, to significantly reduce its environmental impact. GreenGuard offers an eco-friendly alternative to wax coatings and plastic linings. It is water, oil, and grease resistant and complies with FDA food contact regulations making it […]