UN Markings Technology

A title card showing a UN number

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlU5DU34Tg0 What is a UN number? UN numbers or UN IDs come from the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. These numbers identify dangerous goods, hazardous substances, and articles (such as explosives, flammable liquids, toxic substances, etc.) as a baseline and universally accepted standard for international transport. Viewers learn more as a […]

Tapered Plastic Drum Tech

tech talk cover image for tapered plastic drum showing two variables

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTrTMv7kMC4 Are drums ever truly empty? A question like that is leading for an answer, and for the most part, that answer is no. We like to joke that we “ship air” whenever a fresh batch of traditional-shaped drums leaves one of our production facilities. That’s because that traditional shape doesn’t allow for the nesting […]

Uni-Grip Spout Technology

Tri-Sure creates products that ensure safety, convenience, and efficiency. The Uni-Grip Spout is a prime example. It’s a true convenience closure.

Clean Drum for Steel Tech

Steel drums were invented over 100 years ago, and while outward appearance remains similar, technological advancements are many.

GP/A-Drum Technology

GP/A-Drum Technology – learn how Greif brings modern science into a classic design.

Plasticap-70 Screwcap Tech

The Plasticap-70 Screwcap is a plug-and-play replacement for use on jerrycans and small plastic containers. Viewers learn why the cap is so popular and how it brings value to customers and end users.

Plastic Drums – NexDrum® / Valerex Tech

A Greif Tech Talk showing off the many plastic drums offered by the company

Here viewers will learn about the NexDrum® / Valerex, a modern take on the plastic drum built to suit the demands of 21st-century industrial packaging. Modern needs require modern solutions, so technological advancements like High ESCR and high stacking performance are a few of the many details that make a modern drum like NexDrum® / Valerex stand up against today’s tests.

Push-Lock Cap Technology

The Tri-Sure Push-Lock Cap is a global solution with several million in circulation. The overcap is an essential tool in general cleanliness protection to keep debris and contamination out of the plug enclosure openings. From branding to sustainability, viewers learn why the Push-Lock cap’s popularity has steadily grown. For more on the Push-Lock Cap, please […]