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Tech Talk

All-Fi and Ro-Con Tech

Fibre drums are a mainstay in our portfolio at Greif, starting with our mills and adhesives plants.

An All-Fi drum from Greif features rugged, double-wall construction with a telescoping cover and positive flush tape seal for added rigidity and a smooth interior.

A revolutionary design

Ro-Con from Greif features a revolutionary cube design specifically optimized for space utilization and low-cost shipment.

The All-Fi and Ro-Con drums are offered in a variety of sizes for a broad range of applications. Greif also offers a variety of closure styles through its Tri-Sure subsidiary. The lever-lock closure is a patented design that can be used with a wide variety of drums.

Greif also offers a variety of fiber drum liners to protect the product from moisture and contaminants. These liners are available in both paper and polyethylene materials. Grief also offers a variety of accessories, such as spouts, bungs, and drum cradles, to make drum handling easier.

Part of a broader packaging portfolio

Additionally, Greif has a full line of UN-certified drums and can provide IBCs and other industrial packaging solutions. With so many options, Greif is sure to have the perfect solution for your industrial needs. Greif also offers a variety of services to their customers, such as container reconditioning, drum reconditioning, and reconditioning of IBCs.

These services help to reduce waste, save money, and extend the life of packaging products. Greif is dedicated to providing customer service that exceeds expectations. With their wide selection of products, services, and customer service, Greif is the ideal choice for all of your industrial packaging needs.

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