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Circularity 101: A Digital Learning Mini-Series

Welcome to our informative dive into all things circularity!

It’s Circularity 101

Circularity is essential to helping us achieve our 2030 Sustainability Targets. It plays an important role in how we live our daily lives, protect planet Earth by reducing waste and emissions, and prolong our future for upcoming generations. 

Recycling, upcycling, the circular economy, closing the loop, and carbon neutrality are all buzzwords we come across in the context of sustainability. What does it mean to close the loop? What is circularity? And how does it help? Let’s find out! 

environment 3

The Critical Nature of a Circular Economy

Championing Initiatives for Recycling, Circular Economy, and Leading Environmental-Sustainability   Circular economy principles are inspired by nature’s regenerative cycles. To implement circularity successfully, products must be

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