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Expert Packaging Advice for Improved Performance

expert packaging advice

In recent months we have seen many customers diverting production to make hydroalcoholic solutions for hand sanitizers. Unaccustomed to packaging products with such a high alcohol content, customers have turned to our team of industry experts to help find the correct packaging.

At Greif we employ experienced chemists to provide product compatibility testing and recommendations based on the chemical MSDS sheet of the product being filled. Greif’s account managers depend on this advice when working with customers on packaging for new or modified products.

With chemists in both North America and EMEA, Greif is well positioned to assist you with your packaging needs whether it is finding the correct internal liner for your steel drums or evaluating flashpoints. Two of these experts are John Foryt, Program Manager, Technical Support and Innovation in the US and Europe-based Chemist Jan Helsloot.

John earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and joined Greif in 2017. Prior to joining Greif, he worked as a development chemist in an automotive coatings laboratory. His training as a chemist and experience with new product development allows him to support customer requests as well as internal development projects.

Jan Helsloot, a qualified chemist started his career as a laboratory technician in the packaging sector over 40 years ago. He is experienced in delivering packaging advice for customer specific needs and handling complaint investigations to ensure best practice support.

Ultimately, when it comes to packaging it is up the customer to test and determine if it is fit for purpose, but our team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way.

John Foryt
John Foryt 
Jan Helsloot
Jan Helsloot

Contact your account manager for specific packaging advice for your next project.

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