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GCUBE Shield Technology Experiencing Success

A year following the market launch of Greif’s GCUBE Shield technology for IBCs, Greif is seeing a continued rise in demand for the product. Production of the revolutionary barrier protection is advancing, particularly in Germany and Italy where the product was initially introduced.

The GCUBE Shield technology provides an intermediate layer in the IBCs that reduces the permeation of gases both in and out of the polyethylene. Additionally, the product is made with an external layer that allows for customization of colors and an antistatic feature.

Users of GCUBE Shield see a benefit from improved product stability, shelf-life, and operational performance. Its attributes make it suitable for a diverse range of industries including flavors and fragrances, paint, agrochemical, specialty chemicals, and food and beverages.

Furthermore, a recent internal study has shown that IBCs with GCUBE Shield technology outperform comparable IBCs with a barrier by providing a nine percent reduction in CO2 emissions.  

Greif’s GCUBE Shield technology was developed to be compatible with all of Greif’s three-layer machines already producing standard GCUBE IBCs. The innermost layer remains 100 percent high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which complies with current legislation for food and chemical compatibility. 

“As the first company to introduce this blend of polymers to proactively reduce permeation from IBCs, we have seen a high rate of requests from customers. Regular orders are being delivered to customers in the standard GCUBE Shield configurations, as well as more complex products combining GCUBE Shield technology with EX and black colored bottles,” said Luca Bettoni, Greif EMEA IBC, and plastic product manager.

If you’re looking for IBCs with improved product stability, shelf-life and operational performance then get in touch today. Contact Luca Bettoni at

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