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Greif Sweden Plant Achieves 10-Years Accident-Free

Greif’s large steel drum plant in Västerhaninge, Sweden has achieved 10 consecutive years of operation without an accident. A decade of accident-free work is a major accomplishment, as the safety and well-being of its people is Greif’s top priority. Achieving zero accidents at all facilities is a commitment the company strives to achieve.

“Most of our operators and managers have worked at the Västerhaninge plant for a very long time. They are all experienced and know how accidents can be prevented. It’s our people and our processes that have allowed us to stay accident-free and we’re thrilled about that,” said Georgios Sarampasinas, plant manager in Västerhaninge.

The 22-person team analyzes situations in their plant that might lead to accidents and make small changes. These small changes over time have led to a full decade without an accident.

Since 1962, Greif’s Västerhaninge facility has produced large steel drums for customers. It is the recipient of seven Chairman Safety Excellence Awards, a Greif program that recognizes operations and their colleagues who demonstrate a consistent and high-level of safety. It also received a bronze medal in Greif’s Plant Olympics program.


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