Mining & Construction

We offer safe and reliable solutions for the construction and cement industry. Whether you are in need concrete forming tubes or wet/dry blasting tubes, Greif has a family of products available.

Market Subsegments

Construction Forming Tubes, Concrete Contractors

Built to withstand the rigors of construction, designed to hold the full hydrostatic pressure load of concrete in a single continuous pour, EasyPour tubes have earned their mark as a “go to” standard for demanding concrete projects.

Mining Tubes

Greif produces quality blasting tubes with a protective coating for down hole dry mining applications as well as waxed blasting tubes for wet applications that are engineered for high-water table environments, particularly in the Southeast US.

Cement Powder, Mining & Minerals

Greif’s FIBC products offer stability and optimal utilization of space are produced for various pallet sizes.

Top Products for Mining and Construction

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