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Michael J Gasser Sustainability Award Winners for 2020 & Dempsey Award for Customer Service Excellence Winner for 2020

The Greif Way compels us to use financial, natural and human resources wisely without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts and risks across our value chain and enhancing our reputation as a conscientious partner to our stakeholders. This approach creates value for our colleagues, the communities where we operate and live and our customers.

Each year, the Michael J. Gasser Sustainability Award recognizes teams for superior effort and achievement in furthering Greif’s sustainability goals. For 2020, the Michael J. Gasser Sustainability Award was expanded to recognize efforts in both environmental and social focus areas of sustainability; the following are our 2020 winners:

Global Environmental Sustainability Award Winners:

Argentina RIPS: The colleagues at the Tigre plant applied an innovative and sustainable mindset to develop a more environmentally friendly light-weight geometric design plastic drum. The project solved a customer need; can potentially be scaled elsewhere in our portfolio; will generate cost savings from reduced raw material usage; and reduces CO2 emissions and energy use.

Dalton PPS Recycling Group: The colleagues at the Dalton facility initiated a project with existing customers to educate them on the benefits of reducing waste to landfill and evolving recycling economics. The project involved creating a closed loop with two PPS customers to collect and recycle their waste and turn this waste into new products within the PPS network to sell back to the same customers. The project developed stronger customer partnerships; improved financial results; enhanced PPS’ continuity of fiber supply; and will divert more than 40,000 tons of customer waste from landfills.

Global Social Sustainability Award Winner:

PPS Mill Group & Recycling: The colleagues at our Mobile recycling facility and mill demonstrated outstanding servant leadership and community outreach. When a powerful storm severely impacted the community surrounding one of their customers, these colleagues responded quickly to assist. The team gathered much needed essential supplies and donated them to local relief agencies for distribution. Their unselfish and voluntary action demonstrates true commitment to The Greif Way.

Our vision at Greif is clear – In industrial packaging, be the best performing customer service company in the world. Creating a culture of customer service excellence is a continuous journey and we will celebrate success along the way.

The Global Industrial Products (GIP) business Midwest Plastics Operations (Bradley, Mt. Sterling and Lockport) in North America have won the Dempsey Award for Customer Service Excellence for Fiscal 2020. This award recognizes the Greif business, function or team that demonstrates the very best performance in alignment with achieving our vision.

During 2020, Midwest Plastics Operations earned an overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 62 and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of 96. The Midwest Plastic team delivered exemplary customer service; their key customer accounts, acknowledge their “solution oriented” focus and ability to provide consistent “high-quality service”.

All three facilities are sustainability focused and Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) certified, which is a stewardship program of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) and the American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division. Our customers care about Operation Clean Sweep® because the initiative aligns with their sustainability goals. It provides confidence and shows our commitment to preserving water quality and wildlife, encourages safety and good housekeeping practices, and protects our reputation, and theirs. 

Greif is committed to the steadfast integration of this customer service philosophy and mindset across our organization. The GIP NA Midwest Plastics Operations business was selected from the 70 winners of the 2020 Greif Customer Service Excellence AwardEach of those businesses achieved a Customer Satisfaction Index of 95 or greater, a Net Promoter Score of 55 or more, and demonstrated “best in class performance”.

Congratulations to all our Winners!

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