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Cold-Flo Fibre Drum


Cold-Flo drums can handle virtually all pumpable products

Greif Cold-Flo fibre drums offer significant benefits to shippers and users of liquid and semi-liquid products. It is designed for packing pumpable products, printing inks, various food products, etc.

Additional Features/Options:

Cold-Flo Performance

Cold-Flo provides a tight seal that prevents flow-by and does not require any modifications to dispensing plates or platens.

Lining Options

Cold-Flo offers an array of lining options - including many color choices.


Fibre drums provide a cost-effective solution that reaches beyond material containment to provide an easy exterior decoration to enhance the branding of the products it holds.

Cold-Flo Fibre Drum Specifications

The widest range of specifications

  • 55 gallon capacity or 210 liter
  • Customized interior linings
  • Exteriors can be easily decorated or labeled

Customization Options

  • Covers
  • Linings
  • Decorations

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