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Innovation: sustainability and a good barrier in one product

GreenGuard® makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for a good barrier.

Greif’s GreenGuard provides a sustainable barrier coating for containerboard packaging applications that offers an eco-friendly alternative to wax (or paraffin-based) coatings and plastic linings, which helps reduce environmental impact for end users.

Greif GreenGuard Rain, 100, and 200 series are specialty coatings for linerboard and paperboard that provide superior resistance for an extensive range of end-use packaging.

A cardboard cooler coated to defend against moisture is seen with bottles and ice

GreenGuard® Rain

Superior moisture and water resistance.

A bakery liner that's coated to keep this pan of brownies from sticking

GreenGuard® 100

Water, oil, and grease resistance with exceptional release properties for the bakery industry.

A pizza box that's coated to keep the crust and cheese from sticking to the box

GreenGuard® 200

Water, oil, and grease resistance with exceptional release properties for the meat industry.

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GreenGuard® 300 for concrete tubes

GreenGuard® 300 is used as the inside ply on concrete forming tubes. The coating is a 100% recyclable and repulpable aqueous-based coating that has replaced poly. Wet concrete can be poured directly into the forming tube, and once the concrete is cured, the tube can be removed with no paper fibers sticking to the concrete.

GreenGuard Capabilities


Built for sustainability

Paperboard coated with GreenGuard is fully recyclable and repulpable. GreenGuard can be applied to multiple substrates, including linerboard, paperboard, corrugated sheets, corrugated boxes, and trays.


Customized to meet your needs

GreenGuard is offered in various colors, and printable options are available. GreenGuard helps you go green without sacrificing barrier or branding effectiveness.

Greif Sustainability

Serious About Sustainability

Changing the game with innovation

The development of GreenGuard is a game changer for the environment. 


Rigorous testing and QA

We use industry-leading equipment in our labs to ensure maximum quality outputs for our customers. This equipment includes Sutherland Rub Testers, COBB Testers, Slide Angles, Moisture Oven Testers, and more. 

Paper Coatings


GreenGuard is water, oil, and grease resistant. Moreover, it complies with the FDA’s food contact regulations, making it suitable for packaging various food items, including seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, and bakery products.

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Markets We Serve

From the products that keep us moving to the ones that make us beautiful, Greif is proud to serve the unique needs of a wide range of global industries.

Sustainability is Our Goal

Greif’s Paper and Packaging Services Group is a fully integrated company, making 100% recycled paperboard products and packaging.

Let's work together.

Greif customers – you or your peers – value Greif as a partner. They don’t view us as a transactional partner only. We are technical experts and advocates on behalf of you and your needs.

Every year, the investments made at Greif locations are significant, but what we invest beyond advanced machinery and innovative processes matters most. We invest time into our customers and value into our shared relationship.

Did you know that Greif established an updated mission statement to be the best-performing customer service company in the world? What that means for you is whether you are selecting the extensive coated paper packaging capabilities or looking for anything else in the Greif catalog, it is the duty of all of us to make sure your needs are met, and your expectations are exceeded. It’s the Greif way.

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