Retail Packaging

Create appealing point of purchase and high-end graphics with corrugated sheets and litho laminated top sheets produced in Greif’s network of dedicated sheet feeders. Sheets and bulk boxes are manufactured using board constructions from single wall to triple wall and offer an array of flutes, paper grades, coatings, and testing services.

Market Subsegments


Greif’s Litho Lamination offers appealing graphics to attract customers to POP (Point of Purchase). Greif’s signboard is a double-wall thick corrugated sheet that enables retail customers to print high end graphics on 100% recyclable board.


Many of Greif’s paper products are in grocery stores. Watermelons, pumpkins, peppers, and other commodities are sold in triple wall corrugated bins.

Frozen Foods

GreenGuard technology is a trademarked coating that has replaced wax and Poly-Extruded (PE) in end-use applications including frozen meat trays and boxes.


Greif provides coated paper to suppliers that manufacture bakery trays, cake sheets, and other applications. URB and CRB are used to manufacture folding cartons.

Convenient Food

Grief offers coated and non-coated recycled paperboard used for retail ready packaging and food and bakery trays and boxes.

Pet Food

Triple wall bulk boxes are used to ship pet food items from raw proteins to kibble.

Ecommerce Packaging

Greif produces sheets and boxes that are used to service ecommerce companies. Chances are you have seen our corrugated products on your doorstep.

Top Products for Retail Packaging


Registration to various quality and food safety systems including ISO 9001, FSC 22000, BRC, SQF are available throughout the network. Additionally, some locations offer clean room solutions and independent kosher certifications.  

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Benefits of Using Greif Products

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is one of our top priorities because we understand every improvement we make, not only protects our earth, but helps you achieve sustainability targets.

Customer Service Excellence

Leading through service, reliability and creating a customer-centric culture.

Product Quality

Establishing quality control standards to meet customer expectations with every order and every delivery.

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