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Plasticap-70 Screwcap Tech

The Plasticap-70 Screwcap is a plug-and-play replacement for use on jerrycans and small plastic containers. Viewers learn why the cap is so popular and how it brings value to customers and end users.

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A Greif Tech Talk showing off the many plastic drums offered by the company

Plastic Drums – NexDrum® / Valerex Tech

Here viewers will learn about the NexDrum® / Valerex, a modern take on the plastic drum built to suit the demands of 21st-century industrial packaging. Modern needs require modern solutions, so technological advancements like High ESCR and high stacking performance are a few of the many details that make a modern drum like NexDrum® / Valerex stand up against today’s tests.

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Push-Lock Cap Technology

The Tri-Sure Push-Lock Cap is a global solution with several million in circulation. The overcap is an essential tool in general cleanliness protection to keep

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Drum 360 Tech for Steel Drums

Drum 360 revolutionized the decoration of steel drums and other industrial packaging. Here, viewers learn the incredible opportunity presented by a printed steel drum that features artwork in line with typical specs in the printed materials industry and what that means for brands who use the technology.

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