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Digital Series, Sustainability

What is Land Management?

Welcome to our informative dive into all things land management!

Land management refers to the process of overseeing and making decisions about the use, development, and conservation of land resources. It involves the planning, administration, and implementation of strategies and practices to ensure the sustainable and responsible management of land for various purposes. Greif does land management as Soterra.

Private industry has the potential to be a powerful force in driving effective land stewardship. By adopting sustainable practices, fostering partnerships, supporting conservation efforts, and promoting awareness, private companies can contribute to the preservation and responsible use of our land and natural resources.

Effective land management requires collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders, including government agencies, private landowners, indigenous communities, conservation organizations, and local communities. It aims to balance the needs of different users while ensuring the long-term sustainability and health of the land and its resources.

Resource responsibility, like land stewardship, is essential to helping us achieve our 2030 Sustainability Targets. It plays an important role in how we live our daily lives, protecting planet Earth by preserving finite resources and places defined by nature.

greif talking with soterra 5 drones
What is Land Management?

Talking With Soterra: Ep 5 | Drones In this discussion, viewers learn how drones have revolutionized business operations at Soterra. Key topics included the process of becoming a certified drone pilot,

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greif talking with soterra 2 tc
What is Land Management?

Talking With Soterra: Ep 4 | Carbon

In this session, Andy Callahan, director of business development at Soterra, discusses carbon sequestration and the voluntary carbon market. The conversation touches on Soterra’s role in this market and how it is contributing to its growth.

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pine straw
What is Land Management?

Talking With Soterra: Ep 3 | Pine Straw

A conversation between partners in the pines: Josh Smith, the manager of the Land Resource Group at Soterra, and Cole Pierce, the Operations Manager at Swift Straw, discuss their work together…

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timber cruising
What is Land Management?

Talking With Soterra: Ep 2 | Timber Cruising

Viewers get a detailed walkthrough of a forest check-up or “cruise,” led by Josh Smith, manager of the land resource group. This session provides a comprehensive overview of the process, tools, and safety measures involved in a forest cruise…

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An antelope crests a hill on some protected lands
What is Land Management?

Land Management Matters Now More Than Ever

Land management matters now more than ever as our planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges. From the preservation of natural habitats and biodiversity to the responsible use of resources, effective land management plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and well-being of our ecosystems.

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