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Produce Triple Wall Boxes


Take a Load Off

Triple wall octagonal bins safely transport your delicate produce such as watermelons, pumpkins, cantaloupes and sweet corn.

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Produce Triple Wall Boxes Specifications


  • FSC® (FSC-C146189) and SFI® Chain of Custody Certified on Request
  • Primus Audit Certified
  • Custom Design and Printing
  • Preprinted Liners
  • Glued, Stitched, & "Glitched" Closures


  • UN Certified
  • Widest range of flute profiles
  • Regional warehouses
  • Flexo and Digital Preprint
  • Sesame reinforcement tape

Corrugated Board Combinations

  • Triple Wall (CAA): Non-test, 67ECT to 1800#
  • Double Wall (BC,AC,AA): Non-test, 42ECT to 600#


FSC Certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that prodice environmental, social and economic benefits.

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Sustainability is Our Goal

Greif’s Paper and Packaging Services Group is a fully integrated company, making 100% recycled paperboard products and packaging.

Carrying the weight (and not just of the watermelons)

watermelons in a store

Watermelons are stored in corrugated bins to protect them from damage during transport and storage. The Gaylord containers provide a sturdy and protective outer layer that helps to keep the melons safe from bumps and scratches, which can cause bruising and spoilage. Additionally, the triple-walled material is a good insulator, which helps to keep the melons at a consistent temperature, which can also help to prevent spoilage.

Watermelon is a popular fruit in high demand in North America and is grown in many states across the continent. Watermelon production in North America is quite large, with the United States being one of the top producers worldwide. The watermelon industry is a significant part of the agricultural economy in many states and provides jobs for thousands of people. A lot of weight gets carried by the container that transports and displays watermelons, and it’s more than the melon itself.

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