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Product Manager Tech Talks

At Greif, we are proud to make the unsung packaging that makes the modern world move. With Tech Talks, you’ll get to know some of the product experts driving innovative packaging solutions for life’s essentials. You’ll also see the fruits of their labor in these condensed product technology overviews.

Our team of dedicated engineers and designers tirelessly create packaging solutions that protect and preserve products. They also improve supply chain efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Through our Tech Talks series, we hope to give you a glimpse at the cutting-edge technology and techniques that go into creating our packaging products. From steel drums to paper packaging, we strive to provide the highest quality and most sustainable options for our customers. Join us on this journey as we continue to push the boundaries of packaging.

image showing complex construction of hot flo and cold flo fiber drums
Tech Talk

Hot-Flo & Cold-Flo Tech

The fibre drum has been a commonly used container for storing and transporting bulk quantities of dry and semi-liquid goods across town or around the world.

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Greif tech talk fusible plugs
Tech Talk

Fusible Plugs Tech

Viewers learn how Tri-Sure fusible plugs combine innovation and decades of experience to meet the demand of various industries.

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A title card showing a UN number
Tech Talk

UN Markings Technology

UN markings play a vital role in international shipping and packaging. Viewers learn how Greif helps make UN markings clear on their plastic drums.

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Greif tech talk uni grip spout
Tech Talk

Uni-Grip Spout Technology

Tri-Sure creates products that ensure safety, convenience, and efficiency. The Uni-Grip Spout is a prime example. It’s a true convenience closure.

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