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Agitator Steel Drum


Portable mixing

Greif’s Agitator Drum features a controllable mixing device and a removable lid. This product is suitable for a range of applications in most industrial applications where contents need to be mixed or stirred while in the drum.

Additional Features/Options:

Ease of use

Thanks to the lid, the Agitator Drum is easy to fill. Thanks to the integrated agitator, which a motor can power, it's easy to mix.


Design a custom agitator drum to suit your needs - inside and out with available interior lacquers and exterior paint options.


Potential to ship dangerous goods when spec'd accordingly, Greif's agitator drums are UN-approved for hazardous solids and liquids.

The widest range of specifications

  • Available with heavier gauge material (> 1mm) or in stainless steel
  • External lever or bolt fastening closing ring in mild or stainless steel
  • Internally plain or RDL lacquered

  • Lacquers
  • Colors
  • Plastic
  • Plain
  • Plain and lacquered plugs
  • Tools
  • Tri-sure closures

Safety first

UN Approved

Steel Drums meet the highest UN approvals (drop test, pressure, stacking). Drums can be individually leak-tested.


Strength, compatibility and customization

Steel for outstanding mechanical resistance, RDL coatings for high compatibility, and a wide range of decorations to highlight your product.

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