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Conical Steel Drum

Conical steel drumConical steel drum

Packaging for the tomato, fruit and vegetable industry

Conical drums feature a tapered side and are used around the globe to store various products safely. Tapered drums are typically used for transporting and storing liquids, powders, and other materials and are known for their efficient space usage and ease of handling.

Tapered drums see use in chemical, food and beverage, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Some tapered drums have specific uses, such as food-grade, chemical, and other material storage.

Additional Features/Options:

Space Saver

These drums nest together with a conical shape, allowing maximum storage in a minimum amount of space (ideal for seasonal products like agricultural commodities).

Supply Chain Impact

The conical design of this drum allows for a reduction in steel thickness and therefore a reduction in transport and handling costs.


Lightweight steel comes from reused or recycled conicals, reducing environmental impact.

The widest range of specifications


  • Covers are available in steel or plastic
  • UN version available
  • Materials and components are in compliance with relevant food contact requirements
  • Optional screen printing decoration on body
  • Automatic drum de-stacking machine available


  • Colors
  • Lacquers
  • Liners
  • Lids



Strength and compatibility

Steel for outstanding mechanical resistance, RDL linings and materials comply with applicable requirements for food packaging.


Choose our best option to fit your internal logistics needs

Optimize internal efficiencies and safety with various options including deliveries of up to 100 drums or automatic destacking.


Markets We Serve

From the products that keep us moving to the ones that make us beautiful, Greif is proud to serve the unique needs of a wide range of global industries.

Sustainability is Our Goal

Greif’s network of life cycle service providers across North America and Europe can extend the life of spent packaging and responsibly recycle their component raw materials at the end of their life cycles.

Why do customers choose conical steel drums?

Customers may choose a tapered steel drum over a standard steel drum for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Space efficiency: Tapered drums feature a tapered shape that allows them to be nested and stacked together, which can save space when storing or transporting them. The sloped design is particularly useful for customers who have limited storage space.
  • Ease of handling: the tapered shape also makes the drums easier to handle and pour, making them more convenient to use.
  • Reduced material usage: Tapered drums tend to use less steel than a standard drum, which can benefit customers looking to reduce their environmental impact and save costs.
  • Better weight distribution: The tapered shape of the drum allows for better weight distribution, making it safer to handle and transport.
  • Better fit for certain materials: Tapered drums may have a better fit for certain types of materials, like powders, liquids, or granules, that would require a smaller opening or a more specific shape for dispensing or pouring.
  • Better stackability: The tapered shape of the drum allows for better stackability which can be beneficial for customers who need to store or transport many drums.

Tapered drums boost efficiency and provide convenient use where they are applicable.

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