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Greif offers many grades of linerboard and corrugating medium designed specifically to manufacture single face or multi-wall corrugated rolls, sheets, or boxes.

Additional Features/Options:

Recycled Materials

With compression and stacking strength, Greif's recycled linerboard is strong and provides a bright, clean printing surface.

Multiple Uses

Containerboard is primarily used in the corrugated box industry, along with specialty applications, such as laminated build-ups, roll wraps, and headers.

Variety of Markets

Ecommerce, industrial packaging, and consumer goods are a few examples of the markets our containerboard mills routinely serve.

Containerboard Specifications


Recycled paper that offers superior stacking strength and has a smooth finish for increased printing quality.



Recycled paper designed specifically to manufacture single-face or multi-wall corrugated sheets.


Semi-Chemical Medium

Combining chemical and mechanical processes, wood chips are broken down into pulp to make the fluted part of a corrugated box.



FSC Certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that prodice environmental, social and economic benefits.

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Markets We Serve

From the products that keep us moving to the ones that make us beautiful, Greif is proud to serve the unique needs of a wide range of global industries.

Sustainability is Our Goal

All Greif containerboard mills are certified FSC(R), SFI(R) and PEFC(R) Chain of Custody Standard for Recycled Paper.

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