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The second industrial revolution brought forth a new quality of life. It was the dawn of the idea to work smarter, not harder. Greif has been there almost every step of the way. For over 140 years, Greif has delivered reliable packaging solutions that help enable efficiencies and hit important business targets like climate change.

Market Subsegments

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Sheet Plants

Greif has a network of dedicated sheet feeders that manufacture corrugated sheets. We offer superb board quality, and exceptional customer service. We manufacture board constructions from single wall to triple wall and offer an array of flutes, paper grades, coatings, and testing services.

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Greif provides packaging that is used to ship automotive parts around the world. We partner with distributors who perform kitting for major automotive companies. In addition, Greif provides packaging for many materials used in the automotive industry from lubricants to TDI & MDI foams and automotive paints.

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From powders to liquids, you depend on a reliable packaging solution to transport your coating from manufacture to application. Work with our team of experts to find a customized solution for you.

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Corrugated Converters

Offer single wall, double wall, and triple wall corrugated sheets that are converted into boxes. Greif offers an array of flutes, paper grades, coatings, and testing services.

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Greif has 80 plus years of expertise in tube winding, core manufacturing and converting knowledge to develop industry-leading adhesive brands. Greif’s diverse water-based adhesive products are manufactured in Kernersville, NC and Atlanta, TX.

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Wire & Cable

Greif offers unique packaging solutions for transporting wires and cables.

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Registration to various quality and food safety systems including ISO 9001, FSC 22000, BRC, SQF are available throughout the network. Additionally, some locations offer clean room solutions and independent kosher certifications.  

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Benefits of Using Greif Products

Sustainability Focused

Sustainability is one of our top priorities because we understand every improvement, we make not only protects our earth but helps you achieve sustainability targets. We have dedicated products and services to help you achieve your goals. Further, we are the only global network to collect, recondition or recycle several types of spent packaging. Do you really want to make an impact? Use the Greif Green Tool to evaluate the environmental impact of packaging using a variety of metrics.

Extensive Global Footprint

Protect your brand and packaging standards by receiving equivalent products manufactured worldwide. Our global network of more than 200 facilities in over 35 countries are strategically located near you, which helps reduce transportation costs and improves the environmental footprint of your package. By partnering with a single supplier, you minimize supply chain risks with back up production facilities to ensure continuity

Market Knowledge

Greif has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced employees.

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